Ubiquiti Firmware v5.5-Beta4 Released

Release Notes:

  • New: Linux kernel update to 2.6.32 version
  • New: Default Device name (host name) changed according to product model
  • CCR: Add option to RADIUS MAC Authentication to send empty password value instead of caller MAC
  • Improvement: AirMax: Clients upload low when using AirMax
  • Fix: STA-WDS bridge sometimes passes back multicast/broadcast frames
  • Fix: Device with long uptime locks up when ‘Applying’ a changes (possible fix due to the kernel upgrade)
  • Fix: Device crash during scan in Compliance Test or in AirView modes
  • Fix: Auto ACK calculation fails on long distance RM365 link when operating in HT25 mode
  • Fix: Stations disassociate and can’t associate for a few hours
  • Fix: Auto ACK calculation issues if there is no traffic
  • Fix: IPv6 support: PPP compiled for IPv6 support
  • GUI: Changed Wireless Mode selection. Introduced AP-Repeater mode.
  • GUI: “Enable Password Authentication” check box for SSH service configuration is always disabled on IE browsers
  • GUI: Channel width in MAIN page is reported as 20MHz, when device actually is operating in 25MHz width (RM365 + AP mode + WPA security)
  • GUI: WAN/LAN interface selection in Router/Station mode for Simple configuration mode
  • GUI: Impossible to do any changes in advanced tab for M365, M3, M900 devices
  • GUI: Country code drop down is empty
  • GUI: Stations last IP is unknown if device management is through VLAN tagged interfaces/bridges
  • GUI: Check for already uploaded firmware image into /tmp directory when opening Firmware upgrade window
  • GUI: ACK distance is different in MAIN page and in Station/AP Information section

Please evaluate, and let us know if you have any suggestions, bug reports, etc. Standard UBNT Beta rules apply: http://www.ubnt.com/beta

Please create a new thread for any new issues, comments, or discussions. We will keep this thread updated with any new issues reported.



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